Our main goal was to create a strong brand awareness for a starting e-commerce site on social media in the Czech Republic. We also worked on some design changes on their website + copywriting.

project overview

We've started working on this project around the beginning of summer 2017 with just doing some small adjustments on their website and e-commerce store. They needed someone to constantly make quick changes to the design. We've handled all of their requests thanks to our flexible work hours in approximately 180 minutes on average. That may take the vast majority of other companies even days!

After some time, we introduced our client to marketing on social media. That would mean, especially in our client’s case, a big advantage over their competition that still invests a big part of their budget into overpriced services like Google Ads. Our client agreed. In relatively a short amount of time, we managed to create a strong brand awareness. We targeted a specific group of people based on, for example, their income, family status or a place they live in.