Our goal was to create a website that would serve as a universal template for multiple real estate projects. It’s crucial that each of its variations stays unique.

project overview

We were approached by a company named Simekostav with the request to create a template that could be used throughout different real estate projects. This would make the whole process of promoting them so much easier. Instead of hiring a web development company to build a website from the scratch every time - now, they just have to send us some text and few pictures, and it’ll be all done in minutes. This kind of template should be definitely super flexible, up-to-date with modern tech, intuitive and easy for the end-user. It also needs to be really easy to update it over time in case anything changes.

We gave them this: responsive template (version for mobile, tablets and desktop) with clean design, already connected to Google and Facebook services for precise analytics about your users. It’s also fully optimized for all of the big search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). But our main goal was the modularity throughout the whole website. The design is made of these “panels” that you can move with, remove them, etcetera. That enables us to highlight specific attributes of each project without the need to sacrifice the visibility of something else. From the perspective of the user: the page is very clear and intuitive - it almost makes you want to explore every part of it. That’s mainly because there is nothing like a blank space, for example. Every text is always surrounded by a picture, interactive map or some other visual asset. There’s also a photo gallery that works great with touch screen gestures or enables the user to immediately share a photo on a social network of choice. Besides the visual aspect of the template, it’s also really fast. We focus on coding as much things by ourselves, we compress every image and we barely use any external source. The combination of all those things will eliminate cases when the page loads really slow, for example, for people with a bad internet connection.

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